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Beginner's Art & Expressive Art Workshops can...



With 1 in 4 Canadians now identifying as having anxiety, depression or PTSD, opportunities for daily art and creativity have become more and more important.

Art allows you to engage with your true self.

The result? Whether you are artistic or not, peace, shifts in perspective, improved confidence, balance and inner harmony can result when you are expressing creatively.

We are excited to bring Beginner's Art and Expressive Art Workshops to Strathroy and area, online, or at your location. 

No artistic talent or experience is required!

Bring your curiosity as we have fun and experience spontaneous creative processes that will guide us back to our true nature... peace, balance, joy, and love. 

Art Deco Pattern

 For individuals, teams, organizations and First Nations communities, Inspired by Nature is an art studio and interactive art experience that provides a safe space for self-discovery by helping you to uncover the beauty and gift in your artistic expression.

interior of an art studio

In Studio

Intro to Encaustic

Ladies' Night

Women's Circle

Date Night

Social Confidence for Youth

New for 2024!! 

Expressive Art Party - at your Home

'New to' Expressive Art Parties

Beginner's Art

table with art supplies scattered and a few artists painting on a canvas

On Location

Inspiring Art Everyday through

Art Pop Ups, Speaking, & Workshops at:




Teams & Community

Health Centres

and more.



Are you feeling angry, withdrawn, anxious, or fearful?  Art is medicine.

Are you feeling understanding, wise, harmonious, or optimistic?  Art is medicine.

Are you feeling apathetic, bitter, or resentful?  Art is medicine.

Are you feeling happy, peaceful, loving, or complete?  Art is medicine.

Are you feeling sad, shameful, shamed, or hopeless?  Art is medicine.


To help the world normalize art and creativity everyday as a healthy and productive way of accessing presence, healthy emotional expression, self-care, and inner wisdom.​


We facilitate beginner's art and expressive art workshops to:

  • improve mental wellness not only in our classes but when participants return home. 

  • help participants to let go of expectations, outcomes, and perceived judgement from others as it relates to art and life. 

  • inspire self-awareness, self-trust, self-compassion, and self-love in their art practice and in life. 

  • to expand the perception of "artist" as we recognize and accept that WE ARE ALL ARTISTS!

  • change perceptions and open minds to a whole new world of possibilities.


table with art supplies scattered and a few artists painting on a canvas
"I have had the privilege of sitting with Heather, plus, co-facilitating, which proved to be a mind enlightening experience. I strongly encourage anyone who may have the opportunity to join in a group setting or private one-on-one sitting to take full advantage of it."

Ken Oliver, Ojibwe Elder, London, ON

a smiling woman's face with an art studio in the rear

Heather Cabral, Founder & Chief Facilitator

Let me create, collaborate, and guide you as we explore your possibilities through art!

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