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I am Heather Cabral the founder of Inspired by Nature. 

In this website you will find art and wellness offerings for private (1-1), group, and large group conferences. I will also introduce Expressive Art in more detail in case you're interested. I love this technique as it is uses simple art activities to help you access your inner wisdom. 

Any of these offerings can be brought to you, your child, family, work, team, school, group, community, family gathering, or more! We are open to discussing your needs and are happy to tailor custom offerings for all age groups.


If you have any questions, please reach out. 

Looking forward to meeting you. 



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Guiding you back to your true nature... 

that place of peace, calm, and connectedness that is always here but somehow lost in a hyper-speed, overstimulated and distracted world.

1-1 Art & Expressive Art

1-1's geared to assist you with what you need using a gentle and creative approach.

MindBody & Emotional Balancing

Working with your true nature, we treat the cause, not the symptom of pain, repeating life patterns, mental health, relationships, and more.

Beautiful Landscape

Group Art

Rediscover play, have fun, explore, connect with community, be more relaxed.

Art Conferences, Speaking & Retreats

Rediscover play, have fun, explore, connect with community, be more relaxed.


Stay Connected

Join our community to receive updates on upcoming art classes, workshops, and events. Be inspired by nature and explore your creativity with us.

Thank You for Joining!

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