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About Our Founder

Boozhoo, Kwey, Aaniin, my name is Heather Cabral.

I am a member of Pikwakanagan First Nation, a speaker, life and business coach, expressive arts facilitator, strategic consultant, a mixed media artist, and founder of Inspired by Nature.

Through my art and workshops, I inspire participants that both art and life is about the experience and not the outcome. Like life, an art piece is not done, until it’s done and when it has taken a detour, it can be transformed with a little gentleness, self-compassion, and curiosity. My art represents my journey from self-judgement into self-love.

I am honored to share my gifts as a speaker, teacher, visionary, storyteller, and sharer of inspiration with the world. Please join me in my Strathroy 'studio by the woods' or an upcoming event as you explore your inner artist and the healing power of art, for art is medicine. If you'd like to discuss a customized program, service, speaking event, creative coaching or collaboration, please reach out. I love meeting new people and exploring possibilities! 


Thank you again for visiting. I look forward to meeting you soon!


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smiling woman in front of a birch tree trunk

Photo Credit: Leigh Shand

Heather Cabral
Founder & Chief Facilitator
Inspired by Nature &

Our Mission

To help the world normalize art and creativity everyday as a healthy and productive way of accessing presence, healthy emotional expression, self-care, and inner wisdom.​

Our Vision

A healthy and productive society where we trust ourselves and embody our true nature of peace, calm, and connectedness. 

The Impact

  • To improve mental wellness not only in our classes but when participants return home. 

  • To help participants to let go of expectations, outcomes, and perceived judgement from others as it relates to art and life. 

  • To inspire self-awareness, self-trust, self-compassion, and self-love in their art practice and in life. 

  • To expand the perception of "artist" as we recognize and accept that WE ARE ALL ARTISTS!

  • To change perceptions and open minds to a whole new world of possibilities.


Built upon strong personal values, speaker, coach, consultant, visionary and artist, Heather Cabral shares relatable stories, universal lessons, insights, truths, combined with expressive art techniques to deliver an impactful, yet loving talk, workshop, and/or consulting services.

Services for you, your team, your family, & your community.

One-One & Group Coaching

Customized Events & Offerings

Keynote Speaking

Conference Planning

Art Facilitation

Team Building

Consultation & More

Andrea Schmidt, London, ON

"Since 2019, I have attended numerous events facilitated by Heather Cabral. Each one was breathtaking in uniqueness, beauty, and authenticity. Much like Heather herself. Heather has a glowing and magnetic presence, always speaking from the heart. One of her many gifts is to inspire and gather people - and this is a rare gift the world has never needed more." 
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