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You wear many hats. Like many small organizations, you're short-staffed, over-resourced, and there are more people than ever that need your help. 

You have been tasked to create an event in addition to your already overwhelming work load. How to you create something fresh, new, and unique that will attract more attendance with less stress and overwhelm? We can help!!

As a creative visionary, I have launched and organized more than 125 innovative and unique community events that have attracted attendance from all over southwestern Ontario, connected community in authentic ways, inspired new ways of being, and created a ripple effect of healing, friendships and love.

We are excited to help you do that too! Together, we can create something fresh, new, and exciting in an easy, more effective way. Alternatively, already know what you want? We can help bring that to life too!

Here's how we can help:

  • Event envisioning and creation incl. themes, topics, etc.

  • Sourcing keynotes, speakers, workshops, and practitioners.

  • Communications including posters, signage, invitations, managing attendance, social media, photo/videography, communications for organizers, attendees, leading up to and including day of event.

  • Corporate gifts and swag ideas incl. sourcing and design.

  • Travel and transportation.

  • Event staffing or you may supply your own staff/volunteers.

  • Summary reporting for stakeholders, management, funders, etc. 


Our a la carte services allow you to choose your organization's level of involvement and expertise, and to confidently leave the rest to us.


Our expertise and experience includes:

  • Communications - print and digital is my expertise. I know how to build up hype, ensure transparency, and bring excitement!

  • Community of PractitionersI have a community of heart-centred spiritual and holistic health practitioners who are following their missions to help.

  • Expertise: I know the ins and outs of organizing indoor and outdoor events.

  • I have been there! We can anticipate things before they happen and implement contingency plans if/when they do. 

  • My Team! I work with professionals! Self-aware, leaders in their profession, heart-centred - they care about people.

  • Visionary! If you want something fresh, innovative, and impactful, if you want to stand out, lead new ways, get more funding, I can help!  


The benefits for you and your team:

  • Less time and less stress for you and your team. Planning an event can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, diverting valuable resources away from your role and what you do best. Event planning is what we do best. 

  • Unique performers and performances. We have many industry contacts including speakers, holistic healing practitioners, musicians, entertainers, and more to enhance your event.

  • We can bring your vision to life or expand your vision. If you can dream it, we can do it. It is our mission to create a memorable and personalized event tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • More bums in seats on event day. Our marketing plan will help you get the word out, make sign up easy, answer questions, build excitement, and get bums in seats on the event day.

Want to discuss your ideas and needs? Let's set up a discovery call! 

Here's a peek into a couple of our previous events:

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