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  • What are your hours of operation?
    We are open for scheduled programming and merchandise pickups only. Please call or email if you require assistance outside of program hours. This is our family residence and your consideration is appreciated.
  • Is the studio accessible?
    Our studio is located on the lower level and is not safely accessible for wheelchairs or assisted devices.
  • Is there a restroom on site?
    Our studio is equipped with a restroom.
  • What is an Expressive Art Workshop?
    As your guide in an Expressive Art workshop, we will use various prompts, activities, and mediums such as paint, collage, drawing, and writing to reignite your creativity as you rediscover your inner artist. What makes our offering especially unique is how we incorporate Indigenous medicines, teachings, and techniques. The workshop is fun, unique, and insightful.
  • I'm not an artist, have no artistic abilities, can I still do this?
    In our expressive art workshops you are the masterpiece! Creativity and imagination require no art skills or knowledge and instead focus on presence and letting go as you allow the art mediums to do what they want to do, to show you what wants to be shown.
  • Do you offer private/one-one sessions?
    We do. We are open to discuss your needs and possibilities. Please reach out to with your ideas and for more information.
  • Do you speak at conferences or offer sessions for private groups?
    Yes, absolutely! We love to deliver meaningful, custom workshops for couples, families, teams, organizations. Reach out to with your ideas and suggestions and we can chat about possibilities!
  • Are you open to offering other art workshops in your studio?
    Yes, we would consider partnering with other artists. Please contact us at
  • Do you do private groups?
    We are currently offering made-to-order custom events for individuals, groups, and teams such as: Family Night for blended families, families in transition or conflict. Date Night, Girls Night, Men's Night, and more. Customized for you, we have a variety of mediums and fun techniques that can focus on communication, understanding, teamwork, love, increasing confidence, relationship issues, mindfulness, judgement, life changes, conflict resolution, etc. Let's talk! Reach out to:
  • I am an Artist. Do you have any offers for me?
    Expressive Art workshops are for everyone although the art process may be a little different than you're used to. See our FAQ about our Expressive Art Workshops. As an artist, perhaps you'd like to join our Intro to Encaustic Workshop or Open Studio Time where you can create using our supplies? See our Offerings (top bar) for more information. In addition, you may like to offer your teaching services in our studio or to our community? For more information reach out to:
  • Will you come to our location?
    Yes we can come to your location. Please reach out to discuss your plans at
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