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1-1 Art & Mindbody & Emotional Balancing

Overcome Resistance and Feel More Balanced

Calm, relaxing, and therapeutic. Offer 1-1 Art and Expressive Art coaching and consultations as well as Mindbody Energy a

MindBody & Emotional Balancing

What is it?

Firstly, I am not teaching you how to do art, I am teaching you how to let go of the resistance that keeps you from creating art. In this safe space, I provide a variety of materials and through guided exercises, you explore your own creativity.

Using a scientifically proven technique, I offer a painless approach to helping you remove interference in your body that keeps you sick, stuck, and in pain. By holding pulse points and applying gentle pressure in a specific sequence, this technique can provide immediate relief from your symptoms as we clear patterns and synchronize the mind and body.

This is for you if you...

You're curious about doing art but don't know where to start. You feel you don't have a creative bone in your body... that' not true, of course!

· Want to heal relationships, be more patient, loving, and happier.

· No longer want to be in reactive mode with outside circumstances.

· Are open to unlimited possibilities for life and love and not a skeptic to energy work.

What past clients have said...

"Heather's calm demeanour and instruction helped me feel more comfortable to try new things. I was introduced to many new materials that I found in my local art store. I may have even played a little." ~TR

"I decided to give this a try after years of talk therapy and reliving the same old cycles of pain and dysfunction. From the first treatment, Heather identified ancient situations that I was so ready to release. Pain diminished in my physical body, I sleep better, and I no longer see things the same. It is a miracle!" ~SB

No experience necessary. Just a willingness to move beyond where you are now.

MindBody Balancing is offered (optionally) with all 1-1 services.


1-1 Art & Mindbody & Emotional Balancing
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