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Our Services

We provide unique and customized Beginner Art and Expressive Art workshops at your location, online, or in our Strathroy, ON studio for individuals, teams/classrooms, organizations, and First Nations.


What We Offer


Art Workshops


Expressive Art Workshops


Speaking & Facilitation


Social Confidence for Youth

Never taken an art class, don’t consider yourself an artist? Want to try something new?

Classes Created Especially for Non Artists.

Applying traditional Indigenous medicines and guided art exercises we invite you to create with freedom and the space to reflect and share.

Nourishing & Soulful.

Offering custom retreats,  workshops, offerings, & collaborative events for teams, communities, and organizations. 

Impactful, Fun, & Unique.

A self-accepting youth of today is a happier, healthier, more confident and more successful adult of tomorrow.


Social Confidence Through Self Acceptance.


Who We Serve

All workshops can be delivered as a:

Lunch and learn.

Multi-segment series.

Fun or rest break at a seminar.

VIP Custom Retreat.

Speaker/vendor interactive activity.

One or multi-day retreat.

Collaboration with other professionals.

Each custom workshop can include:

Free-form expressive writing, intuitive drawing and painting, mindful movement, photo or forest walks, mixed-media, poetry, movement, creative expression, affirmations, sewing, knitting, cooking/baking, culinary creation, song, drums, sharing circle, impermanence art where the art is ‘let-go’, and the application of various mediums such as paint, water colours, clay, crafts, newspaper, pastels, natural materials like sand, water, sticks, grasses, beadwork, etc.


Art is a universal language and in this 'new normal', we need the practice of art more than ever. Our workshops are not about making an artistic masterpiece, instead, have been intentionally created to help you feel supported as you explore creativity and your own infinite possibilities.

Creative Expression & Fun

Boost Immunity

Supportive Community

Improved Presence & Mindfulness

A Space to Share & Reflect on Your Feelings

The Space for Curiosity, Vulnerability & Courage

Improved Self Confidence

Freedom from


Ideas for Art in Your Everyday

Our Signature Offerings



Creativity, reflecting and sharing for improved confidence, self-acceptance, self-expression, self-responsibility, improved leadership, personal transformation and more. 


Download our printable brochure below.


General Offering for Organizations

Facilitating healthy emotional expression through spontaneous art activities & Indigenous-led sharing circles.
Teambuilding, celebrations, retreats, community building, networking, conferences & more.
Download brochure for more info.


Signature Talks  & Workshops

  • Humanity at a Crossroads: Based upon the Anishinaabe 7 Fire Prophecy.

  • Rethinking Love, Partnerships, & Relationships.

  • What are you here for? Dreaming up Your New Future.

  • NEW! Launching into 2024 in a Good Way.

  • Embracing Illness and the gift it offers.

  • Death is not the End. Reframing Death.

  • Awakening your Inner Artist 

Calm Sea



Art therapy uses visual art & a medical model to assess or resolve problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses.

An expressive art facilitator does not evaluate, diagnose, or counsel participants.


In art therapy, a visual art intervention is used to focus on and reveal the psychology of a client.


In expressive art facilitation, the aim is to provide a space for people to experiment with spontaneous art, poetry, dance, sculpture, music and more. 


Art therapy assumes there is a problem or illness which must be cured.


An expressive art facilitator creates a participant led space oriented to the healing qualities of creative expression with no expectation of outcome. 


In art therapy, client and therapist work together to find symbolism in the artwork as they connect images to the client’s emotional state.

The art facilitator will witness and encourage participants in their creative process holding space for self-expression and unconditional acceptance.

Note: These workshops are non-clinical and do not include any diagnosis, counselling, or therapies. While themes may explore and unearth emotional topics, traditional sharing circle protocols will be observed and followed. Depending on the subject and length of class, an Elder may be included as requested. 

Forest Trees

"I have had the privilege of sitting with Heather, plus, co-facilitating, which proved to be a mind enlightening experience. I strongly encourage anyone who may have the opportunity to join in a group setting or private one-on-one sitting to take full advantage of it."

Ken Oliver, Ojibwe Elder, London, ON

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