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We Make Creativity Easy!


Guiding you back to your true nature with ART, HEALING, CREATIVITY, & LOVE.


Private Art & Mindbody & Emotional Balancing

Helping you Overcome Inner Resistance and Feel More Balanced in a Private Setting.


Group Art Workshops

Inspiring Creativity & Community at Our Studio or Your Location.


Art Conferences, Speaking & Retreats

Bringing Art & Inspiration to Your Community

Group Art Workshops

Be playful, have fun, explore, meet new people, and be more relaxed.

What do we do?  FUN! Abstract Art Parties, Open Art Studio, 

In these group offerings we are excited to offer workshops and gatherings that:

  • Invite you to get curious about creativity and discover how it can change your life.

  • Be inspired to learn new approaches to incorporating art into your everyday.

  • Meet new people and create with community.

  • Overcome your fears about art and creativity and expand your limits.


Who is this for?

  • Are you tired of the humdrum of daily life and want to meet new people?

  • Are you looking for new ways to express yourself with art as a practice for more peace, connection, and community?

  • Are you not experienced with art but willing to give creating a try?  Perfect!

  • You want to invite an art component to your celebration? 


What past participants are saying.

"As someone who attended the open art studio, I was surprised by all the different materials available. I'd never heard of a Gelli plate but was excited to experiment with a multitude of techniques and colours. I met others similar to me and I am excited to connect with them again at a future class."  ~ML

Art Conferences, Speaking, & Retreats

Try something new and unique offered by someone new and unique.

What we do?

We're bringing art, healing and inspiration to your community through our events, speaking, conferences, retreats, and more. At Inspired by nature, we are facilitating healthy emotional expression through spontaneous art activities & Indigenous-led sharing circles.


Think of us for your teambuilding, celebrations, retreats, community building, wellness, networking, conferences & more.


This is for you if you are:

  • Looking for a unique offering to support or rejuvenate your attendees.

  • Looking for some help to create a fresh, innovative, and exciting conference or event that incorporates creative offerings and/or holistic health and wellness.

  • You want to offer an event that has community excited and talking about it long after the event. 


What previous clients are saying:

“Heather's calm and confident energy allowed the youth to remain engaged and feel supported. Her encouraging words and demeanour made it possible for the youth participants to feel a sense of pride in their art and value their own sense of creativity and self expression. It is beautiful to be part of her workshops.” ~MM Youth Mental Health Worker, Supervisor, COTTFN

Private Art & Expressive Art Sessions for those Resistant to Art!

Shift your beliefs about creating and creative expression in a private 1-1 setting.

What is it?  

Firstly, I am not teaching you how to do art, I am teaching you how to let go of the resistance that keeps you from creating art. In this safe space, I provide a variety of materials and through guided exercises, you are invited explore your own creativity.

This is for you if...

You're a successful entrepreneur, professional, or leader, and you do most things with ease, except art. You believe you don't have a creative bone in your body and oh, you can't draw either. You're curious about doing art but don't know where to start.

What past clients have said...

"Heather's calm demeanour and instruction helped me feel more comfortable to try new things. I was introduced to many new materials that I found in my local art store. I may have even played a little." ~TR

at Radical Nutrition
2 Front St., Strathroy

Art is medicine

MindBody & Emotional Balancing

Focused on the cause and not on the symptoms, you can get to the root of generational cycles, and experience a lighter, more clearer, capacity for life.

What is it? 

Neuro Plasticity Therapy (NPT) is a scientifically validated and proven technique that can help rewire your brain for success, peace, abundance, and love. By holding pulse points and applying gentle pressure in a specific sequence, we can help you identify hidden beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that may be holding you back and replace them with new and expansive thought patterns. Our therapy can also relieve chronic pain and help you return to your true nature.

This is for you if you...

  • Can't understand why you feel so heavy.

  • You have pain and no one can figure out where it is coming from. 

  • Have done some inner work and are still encountering the same people, relationships, and cycles over and over. 

  • Want to heal relationships, be more patient, loving, and happier.

  • No longer want to be in reactive mode with outside circumstances.

  • Are open to unlimited possibilities for life and love.

What past clients have said...

"I decided to give this a try after years of talk therapy and reliving the same old cycles of pain and dysfunction. From the first treatment, Heather identified ancient situations that I was so ready to release. Pain diminished in my physical body, I sleep better, and I no longer see things the same. It is a miracle!" ~SB

at Radical Nutrition
2 Front St., Strathroy

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