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More about Heather Cabral

Heather Cabral is member of Pikwakanagan First Nation, a speaker, life and business coach, an expressive arts facilitator, strategic consultant, and a mixed media artist.

Since childhood, she has been mature for her years. A childhood with poverty, physical and sexual abuse, little stability, and a lot of chaos, Heather made it her mission to commit to forgiveness, healing and growth thus ending the cycles of intergenerational trauma and premature death that plagued her Finnish and Indigenous ancestral lineages.

Today she shares her life story on stages, through workshops, on social media, in coaching and circles and is authoring a book with the intention of inspiring audience members that life really is like a school where we are offered experiences, characters, and perspectives that lead to an infinite number of choices. 

#SOARHYR (soar higher) is a philosophy and way of life that Heather aims to share with her audiences. She believes that when we are seeing a situation with emotions, in-judgement or in reaction mode that we are unable to see with reason. This state of mind also prevents us from accessing our intuitive wisdom. When we soar higher we rise above and see the bigger picture of what we're experiencing then we are more able to access the wisdom or the gift of the situation. 

Our life today is a culmination of all these choices. The beauty of this experience is that it is infinite! Our choices are infinite. So if you don't like where you are, you can always choose again. 

Heather writes and creates art in her Strathroy, ON, Canada studio where she lives with her partner of 28+ years and their teenage twin boys.

Our Clients Say

a smiling Indigenous Elder standing in front of a birch tree trunk
"I have had the privilege of sitting with Heather, plus, co-facilitating, which proved to be a mind enlightening experience. I strongly encourage anyone who may have the opportunity to join in a group setting or private one-on-one sitting to take full advantage of it."

Ken Oliver, Ojibwe Elder, London, ON

A Speaker

Thought provoking, inspiring, even spiritual in nature. Heather can deliver a speech that encourages accountability, self-awareness, trust, and a belief in possibility.  Coming Soon.

Microphone Stool

Event & Conference Organization

Since 2015, Heather has been organizing many large (indoor &outdoor) community events which included holistic health practitioners, speakers, and more. 

A visionary, Heather can dream up and  coordinate interesting, educational, healing and entertaining community events. More.

Microphone Stool

Life and Conscious Business Coach

Transformational, generous, compassionate, and caring. Heather is a natural coach with an ability to see patterns and themes. More about coaching. 

Holding Hands

As an Artist -

A new mixed media artist, Heather had her first art exhibition in Fall of 2023. Offering commissions and pieces for sale, her art style is evolving as she explores... Coming Soon. 

a piece of encaustic art with trees and mountain scape

Workshop Facilitator

Nourishing and soulful, impactful, fun, and unique. Applying traditional Indigenous medicines, sharing circles, and guided art exercises Heather invites participants to create with freedom and offers a safe space to reflect and share.

​Offering custom retreats, workshops, offerings, & collaborative events for teams, communities, and organizations. More.

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Coming soon.


Other Offerings

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